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“I mean, I probably love art more than anythinggg”

This is hilarious.

And this is excruciating.



Jordan Wolfson’s Crisis really makes me laugh. As it should. I don’t feel the need to comment further than ‘watch it’.

His show at the McLellan Galleries for GI is a bit of a treasure trove. Spread out between a multitude of rooms ranging in size and cleanliness (including a fluffy carpeted room, and an unkept restroom), Wolfson encourages exploration.

The ‘excruciating’ comes with Untitled. I stood for the full fourteen minutes watching the artist’s hand creep into the screen to snap an elastic band off some lobster claws.

The phrase ‘you had to be there’ comes to mind. I couldn’t walk away. It’s such a vivid feeling that it really needs to be witnessed. And the video isn’t online, that I can tell.
So go see it.
Before GI closes on Monday.

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