bruise Exhibitions IIICollective MFA Study Original Work

On bruise


Sometimes I feel like a concept is so exquisite as a thing, that I don’t want to
translate it into a plastic word copy.
But this is exactly the type of thinking that opens me up to the accusation of,
“Your work isn’t generous enough.”



bruise is a site-relative work of art. The materials list include room C.02 in Edinburgh College of Art, a digital device, and the video component click play.

bruise utilised a familiar gallery space and staged an opening in which the space was apparently empty. The audience was presented with a web link; the awareness that all would have mobile phones to hand. In an age when we are constantly time-poor, the ability to access experience via mobile means is becoming second nature, to the point that alternative realities become flat with reality.

This particular project comprised of a present audience in an apparently empty gallery, watching a video of that same floor being actively painted a vibrant blue. The audience is as necessary as the floor in this scenario, and is considered a significant material.

The human form is able to disperse in contemporary and digital culture and live experience through multiple realties and dilutions. bruise presents presence, where there first appears absence, by merging layers of space, time, physical material and digital instruction. In this project two spaces were used; the same gallery differentiated by time.

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