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I go out walking…


Deveron Arts is currently organising the 2015 Slow Marathon. This years event is in conjunction with Stuart McAdam’s Lines Lost project.

On Sunday Stuart, Claudia and I went walking along the former railway route. The Slow Marathon will be 26 miles from Portsoy to Huntly. We walked for 6 hours miles on Sunday, which equated to 13 miles through thick snow.



The walk was surreal. A quiet Sunday, no one else around. The world felt weird. But good.

I’m not sure how I feel about the term ‘Walking Art’. It has the same odd taste as ‘Feminist Art’, where I feel the specification might be unnecessary. The need to specify one medium is against my current research on the networked system of art and its reception/creation. Materials lists themselves are something I need to look into further and develop a more inclusive approach.

Walking is another medium, a method in the larger assemblage of an artwork. The Slow Marathon will adopt Deveron Arts 50/50 approach between art and community. The idea of a gallery without walls is curious and I am eager to continue seeing it in practice.

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