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The concept behind A Letter in Mind was for artists to create small works and donate them to the National Brain Appeal. These pieces were available for purchase, with all £80 of the sale going to the charity.


I recently  checked back on the online exhibition and noticed my duck piece had been sold. Having tried on many titles; ‘conceptual artist’, ‘writing based artist’, ‘research based artist(?!)’, ‘maker of things no one really wants to buy’, leading to ultimately ‘skint artist’, selling work is never really in my radar.

This is different though. And it’s a good thing. Aside from the constant question of how to make money from your art, and issues of going down a more commercial route, there are often aspects of morality and association to consider in art prosumption.

When one can’t-be-too-picky, the moral spectrum can often be called into question. The BP Portrait Award is a classic example of this. In recent years there has been an upsurge in protests against The National Portrait Gallery and its association with BP. In an age where information is so hyper-available it is questioned if one can continue to turn a blind eye after 25 years of sponsorship.

Creative activism such as this, highlights problems of representation and morality vs. opportunity. It might seem like I’ve gone off topic. I guess I just wanted to say, this particular affiliation, the A Letter in Mind exhibition for The National Brain Appeal, felt good.

And someone has my ducks.

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