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Personal Glossary

Term Definition
Abwesend Absent, away from a place
Actor Network Theory Abandons hierarchical ontology to propose a level plane of entities, or actors
Agency The capacity to act in the world
An Oak Tree A transubstantiated glass of water
Art as Life Continuous practice, pure activity, not leading to particular results
Art Object Things that result from art works
Art Work/Art Project/Project Network The wider network of artist, objects, documentation, happenings, publications, curator, organisation, audience, etc.
Art Writing Writing within the art project

Artifying When any thing is placed in artistic context/White Cube
Artscrubbing The removal of the art object from artistic context/White Cube
Assemblage A collection of things that exist together in the project network
Bit A small part of a wider whole
Can’t Touch This Rules imposed by the gallery that negate handiness
Causation Cause leading to effect
Clogged Tote Ephemera of pamphlets and written matter from galleries
Dispersed With elements scattered across the network
Distributive Dispensed in parts
Documentation Physical/oral things representative of art work
Edible Matter Foodstuff and its specific Thing Power
Efficacy Ability to cause effect
Et Cetera Alluding to multiple other things, without specific detailed mention
Event A thing that happens
Flat Ontology Organisation of entities as equal and mutually relevant parts
Fragment An incomplete piece of a wider whole
Green Box/Box File Paper documentation as part of, and in relation to, an art work
Handiness Functionality of the object
Happening Something that takes places and continues to unfold
Helix A plastic plane with hollow interruptions intended for, but not restricted to, mathematical study
Interview A conversation to gain documentation from a source
Light Box Illuminated structure intended for study or speculation
Light Switch Enables lighting of room and visibility of other things via process-based action
Multiplicity A variety of elements forming connections between personal universes
Object Oriented Ontology Philosophy that rejects the privilege of human existence over non-human objects
Other Work Work that is not Art Work
Overmining Objects perceived too falsely deep to be the truth
Parallel Process Expanded conceptions of art; actions, objects, process
Parliament of Things Argument for the rights of the object
Playlist Combination of things in deliberate sequence
Portfolio Portable collection of things, representative of wider study
Postcard The symbiotic display of text and image to invite participants into a project network
Primary First in rank
Real Object Objects withdrawn from theoretical, relational or practical access
Referencing Hierarchical relation between objects, in which one designates another
Representation A thing that demonstrates and alludes to other parts
Secondary Less important in rank
Self-Sufficient Contained and complete in itself
Semiotics The study of signs and symbols, such as language, in communication
Sensual Object The object of experience
Socially Engaged Practice Art that encourages practical relationships with audience and human actors
Temporary Community An audience present at a specific event/happening
Thing Power The agency of objects and actors
Thingness Function and use of things
Things Entities both human and non-human
Time-Poor Lacking time and feeling the pressure of it
Town Collection Art objects, accompanied by text, that have been created by artists in residence at Deveron Arts
Trajectory The path or movement of a thing
Undermining View that objects are too shallow to be the truth
Vibrant Matter Recognition of active participation of non-human forces in events
Vorhanden Present, in existence
White Cube Art context; gallery, museum, art book, art website, etc.


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