RD Coffee Walk Recall

Moveable Feast


As part of Embassy’s Annuale 2015, I brewed some coffee in Moveable Feast’s bothy this weekend. This was after walking, last week,  from Huntly to Keith for a cup of coffee.

Moveable Feast’s portable bothy was at Fountainbridge along the canal in Edinburgh for it’s last stop. The event Finding a Good Coffee involved a very informal gathering of people with doughnuts, caffeine and catching up. I said a little bit about the walking-for-coffee act and we talked about the boundaries of artistic practice.

Held the day after my graduation from MFA Contemporary Art Theory, it felt good to be doing something as a tax-paying, full cinema price, no more 20% off Topshop, citizen. I knew most of who came along. I also had the pleasure of meeting Dan, who kindly knitted me a Friendly Square as I poured his coffee. It sits with me now and reminds me of the calm vibes I felt when talking with him.



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