Box File

Box File

MFA Thesis, Edinburgh College of Art, 2015

I focused my MFA Contemporary Art Theory study on the argument that a work of art is an agentic and dispersed thing. Using Bruno Latour’s Actor Network Theory and Jane Bennett’s insistence of Vibrant Matter, I put forward that art is always an event. By giving relevance and responsibility to every thing in a wider project network, the individual actant of context, artist, or object, is replaced by a layered assemblage including them. An art work is a networked assemblage of contributing factors and elements.

My networked assemblage of contributing factors and elements in partial fulfilment of MFA Contemporary Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art, 2013-2015 included two texts totalling 11,200 words.

Object Event grounds an argument in the analysis of object theories, the use of examples of contemporary art, interviews conducted with current contemporary artists and an experimental example from a project within ECA’s Project Space.

Postcard Theory demonstrates an interplay of fragments. The argument is made that the extensive art work cannot be shown, but an experience is legitimised through text and image representation.

Box File also included an arrangement of artworks including Drystone Helix, and art writings, Blank Pages.