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Something Good

The concept behind A Letter in Mind was for artists to create small works and donate them to the National Brain Appeal. These pieces were available for purchase, with all £80 of the sale going to the charity.


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Artefact (Click Play)


bruise Exhibitions IIICollective MFA Study Original Work

On bruise


Sometimes I feel like a concept is so exquisite as a thing, that I don’t want to
translate it into a plastic word copy.
But this is exactly the type of thinking that opens me up to the accusation of,
“Your work isn’t generous enough.”


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The Space Where I Am


Art/Writing Exhibitions Original Work

A Letter in Mind

A Letter in Mind will open at Oxo Tower Wharf in London, this Thursday the 2nd of October.
This is a fundraising event with 276 original works of art up for sale. Both emerging and more established artists are involved in this exhibition, and their identities kept anonymous until a purchase has been made.

Each work is priced at £80, with all proceeds going directly to The National Brain Appeal. This charity raises vital funds for the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. One in six people are affected by a neurological disorder in the UK, and this is a cause I am personally motivated to see supported.

The exhibition can also be viewed, and purchases made, online here.

‘Recognise my submission?..

Art/Writing Exhibitions Original Work




Rachael Disbury
Eight hundred and twenty two
Typewritten text on tracing paper

Art/Writing Events Exhibitions Original Work

Print Portfolio

Print Portfolio is currently on show at Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh. This is a collection of 30 prints from staff and students of the Masters of Contemporary Art course at Edinburgh College of Art. It will run from the 27th of May until the 8th of June.

I think you should come see.


Disbury & Wilson Events Exhibitions


Lada Wilson and I started collaborating in early 2013, with the interAction(s) project. More recently we have begun to correspond via typewritten text through the post. We hope to engage in performative live-writing at the upcoming Studio Jamming Symposium in Dundee on the 25th of July.

Here we will engage in performative live writing in the space with our typewriters. There will be no spoken words and the only exchange will be through the pounding of keys and the resulting text.

I anticipate this performance will be very loud with the exchange being heavily scored by the clickclickpings of our old ‘writers.

Although we don’t want an online record of this project, as it is very process based, I will probably record my own thoughts and workings here.