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Report on Ahland

The Ahland Report(click to read) is done and in the process of being dusted.

Most of last semester was taken up by establishing the small micronation of Ahland. Having received encouragement from the Scottish Government, made contact with other micronations and in talks about continuing the project further, I can confidently say it was a worthwhile and successful project.

And so it’s time to collect Summer endeavours. I need a break from pink, green, grey and grey.

academia FAIR

FAIR 2014



Presenting FAIR 2014:
A group show of projects by postgraduate students at Edinburgh College of Art, Leeds City College and St Lucas Visual Arts Ghent.

academia FAIR

FAIR Progress

As Heritage Officer for the Nation of Ahland, todays task was writing up a brief history of the country’s formation for our new website.


Ahland Website


Ahland opens its boundaries to tourists on the 30th of April and we’re really upping our game to publicise now.

Friday will see the coronation of our King at the Ahlandian Embassy in Scotland, and its sure to be a truly festive night.