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MFA Contemporary Art Theory


Having just written 12,000 of them, I have few words to say at the moment.

Perhaps once you’ve read it, I’ll have thought of one.

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Footnotes in Plastic Envelopes


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Bog II

Bog II (an homage to Bog)
iPhone, bog sign, recollections of Bog.

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Something Good

The concept behind A Letter in Mind was for artists to create small works and donate them to the National Brain Appeal. These pieces were available for purchase, with all £80 of the sale going to the charity.


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Artefact (Click Play)


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 (A text piece comprised entirely of appropriated lyrics from songs with the world ‘ten’ in the title. Written for Embassy Gallery’s tenth anniversary members publication.)

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Object as Event

Semesters’ Thoughts. (click link)


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On bruise


Sometimes I feel like a concept is so exquisite as a thing, that I don’t want to
translate it into a plastic word copy.
But this is exactly the type of thinking that opens me up to the accusation of,
“Your work isn’t generous enough.”


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In conversation with III

“D’you know when you have lots of layers open on Photoshop, and                 then you merge the image to flat?”




“You know.

You have all these relevant parts.  

            And then you flatten the image. All those relevant    parts are still there, but you can’t pick out one in particular.

It’s a new thing. With all those old things.     They’re still there… but also not…                                               somehow…”

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blog7 blog1





















Project Space.
4pm. 3.5.14

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Frame Theory




“If you take bowling shoes out of the alley, are they just shoes..?


“Like, if you apply Goffman’s Frame Theory(1) to – -“

 *sigh* “Why do we let the theory students work in the studio?”









(1)“Goffman (1975) argued that much of our behaviour is cued by expectations which are determined by the frames which constitute the context of action.” Miller, D. Materiality: An Introduction. 2005. Available at:

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In 1991 I was given a teddy bear. In the subsequent 23 years, alterations in fashion and style have been represented by a variety of neck bows adorned by this bear, including one brief dabbling in a scrunchie phase towards the late 90’s.

In 1992 I rarely slept. Tbere was a significant fear that year of the border that decorated the walls of my room. ‘Snatch’ was a fictional character taking the form of a dog. But his eyes were too animated for me, and his stare was deeply troubling.

In 1993 I developed a particular agility for stretching my hands to touch plug sockets and cable wires. “Rachael, Careful!” was always immediately exclaimed after such a happening. I was less grammar-savvy back then and my minds mind omitted the comma. When I visited a nurse later that year I would respond to the prompt, “And what is your name?”, with a confident ‘Rachael Careful’

In 1994 I developed a taste for Reebok Freestyles. The pristine white straps soon became grubby with an overreliance on the Velcro attribute. This was a shoe with both straps and laces: A training trainer. Having yet to have mastered the making of bunny ears, I muddled through via Velcro.

1995 saw my first specsavers purchase. I firmly believe that I failed my eye test on purpose because I wanted to attain a pair of glasses. I was fascinated by these objects that sat on my mother and brothers face. This fascination would hinder my sight forever.

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A Letter in Mind

A Letter in Mind will open at Oxo Tower Wharf in London, this Thursday the 2nd of October.
This is a fundraising event with 276 original works of art up for sale. Both emerging and more established artists are involved in this exhibition, and their identities kept anonymous until a purchase has been made.

Each work is priced at £80, with all proceeds going directly to The National Brain Appeal. This charity raises vital funds for the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. One in six people are affected by a neurological disorder in the UK, and this is a cause I am personally motivated to see supported.

The exhibition can also be viewed, and purchases made, online here.

‘Recognise my submission?..

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wish you were here

wish you were here (reverse)

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Well, I’ve Just Been Working Lots

wokring lots

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Split-Second Story

For the Weekly Photo Challenge, Split-Second Story

Split- Second Story


Life, buoy


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DW 1

I always heartily agree on
recollections of the 21st night
of September. (1)
but I actually don’t recall anything
of any great consequence.
I think it’ll be okay though.


(1)Earth Wind & Fire. September. 1978. Available at:

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Rachael Disbury
Eight hundred and twenty two
Typewritten text on tracing paper

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Print Portfolio

Print Portfolio is currently on show at Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh. This is a collection of 30 prints from staff and students of the Masters of Contemporary Art course at Edinburgh College of Art. It will run from the 27th of May until the 8th of June.

I think you should come see.