From January 2015 to June 2018, I worked at Deveron Projects, a socially engaged arts organisation that runs artist residencies and a year-round creative events programme. Based in Huntly town Square in Aberdeenshire, it operates a Town is the Venue methodology, with programmes of talks and events taking place in different venues throughout the town.

Artists are commissioned to spend three months (either as a block or over a longer period of time) in Huntly, developing a project which is of social relevance to the town, but also relevant on a global scale.

Deveron Projects is highly productive, programming at least one event per week and up to 5 or 6 projects per year. The projects are vast and varied and so was my role(s) there.

As Shadow Curator, my role was to work right next to the Director, Claudia Zeiske, assisting her and offering critical questions to curatorial decisions; as Art & Community Worker I worked directly with artists in residence on their projects and directly with the Huntly community, trying to maintain the 50/50 balance of artistic integrity and meaningful engagement; as Project Manager I was responsible for the overall production and delivery of the programme and day-to-day running of the organisation.



Slow Marathon

Lure of the Lost 

Oaks & Amity


Exploration Aids

300 Years to Grow


The White Wood

How Humans Adapt

Energised Landscape

21 Years of Town is the Venue

Room to Reinvent

What If?

Walking Without Walls

I Stand With Tifty’s Annie

No.11 Café

The Community Crockery



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Edible Matter

Edible MAtter

Food is a co-participant in our world.
Jane Bennett argues for the political recognition of things, both human and non-human. In acknowledging the Thing Power of food, the fluid nature of materiality comes to light.
You are what you eat.
In eating, the border between out and in is mixed. You aren’t what you eat. Well you are, but what you eat is you also. And together that is a thing too.
You are an assemblage of matter and everything is always Becoming; nothing is Being.

Nietzsche tried to tell me I’d be depressed without fish.
But Thoreau jumped in, “I believe that every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition has been particularly inclined
to abstain from animal food”.

Later that day I googled a guacamole recipe on BBC Food and went to Asda to pick up Artichoke Hearts, with the intention to preserve and progress some creative faculties.
They led me to the fish aisle.
I got depressed and could not preserve.

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FAIR will be taking place at Tabot Rice from the 30st April – May 5th. Here’s what my group has in the mix.

The Micronation of Ahland          


Ahland will be welcoming Tourists from Wednesday April 30th 2014.

A Micronation is an Entity that claims to be an independent Nation but is not officially recognized by World Governments. A Micronation expresses formal and persistent claims of sovereignty over some physical Territory.

Ahland was born from the need for new Beginnings. With the Confusion created within all Aspects of national Identity we wish to offer a safe Haven for the creative and ambitious alike, providing a Platform for new ways of dealing with old and dated Issues. Within the Boundaries of Ahland, free Reign and Sanctuary will present Opportunity to exercise Thoughts and Opinions on all Aspects of Living. This is Our Quest to achieve a sustainable Nation.

The Opening of Ahland to Tourists will be marked by the ceremonial raising of the national Flag and a celebration of the rich and recent Culture of the Nation.

In the coming Weeks Ahland will be planning and publicising this Event. Watch this Space for News on progress of Independence and Opportunities to get involved in the Festivities of Ahland’s welcoming Event.

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Dave Sherry

Performance art?

Okay. It was.

‘Took part in Dave Sherry’s performance workshop. Its good to vary up the day.

I always get too conceptual though. I should have been more instinctive perhaps.

He’s very interesting.

Dave Sherry

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A history lesson from the future… of the future.

Cultural Turns seminars are proving interesting and very refreshing. The most recent assignment on Future Studies was much fun. The task was to present a future history in the past tense. Roleplay ensued.

Take A Look.



‘Hello’ is the correct term.

After a simultaneously eventful and static Christmas break, it’s time to wake up and out.

January 2014. Or just 2014.

Feel sick. But in that good way (I think), things are happening (I think).