Coffee Walk

Walk to get a cup of coffee

Walk / Performance, Huntly to Keith, 2015

On Saturday 20 June 2015, I walked from Huntly to the next town, Keith, for a cup of coffee. Stuart McAdam accompanied me. It took 16.3 miles and approximately seven hours.

I’d been thinking a lot about art and the presumption of a meaningful experience. The walk, or art walk, presumed as spiritual journey (for example, in pilgrimage) seems an embodiment of this in particular. 

When walking is artistic practice, it is walking as life practice that interests me. After doing an art walk and getting home at 6pm, to discover you’ve no food in the house, what is the walk to Costcutter, then? In what ways is that different?

I like walking. And I liked walking, when I lived in Edinburgh too. I expect I would walk at least an hour a day. 20 minutes to the studio, 30 to my favourite coffee shop, library, shops, home. Purpose-walks to fulfil tasks in my life. I like Huntly, too. But I can’t walk 30 minutes to my favourite coffee shop. So I walked to the next town, because I wanted a good coffee and to walk to get it, like at home.

I presented some photographs and thoughts about this project at Moveable Feast Bothy in Edinburgh in July 2015.