Drystone Helix

Drystone Helix

Helix rulers and found stones, 2015

Two sculptures constructed from stationery and stones. I first attempted this after meeting Jeff while on residency at Timespan in Helmsdale. He had been learning how to drystone wall; constructing stones without mortar.

I went out one day to the house with the wall he was working on, and had a go. Jeff kept explaining how a tactile relationship with the stones was the most important thing. You could feel the shape and determine if it would slot into the wall.

He said the best drystone wallers could put a lightbulb in the middle of their structures. They were so skilled that this lightbulb would remain intact with the stones securely wedged around it, without adhesive.

I thought about networks and each actor being mutually relevant to the survival or function of a thing. And I thought about artist Ceal Floyer wedging lightbulbs into Helix metric rulers. I think about lighbulbs a lot… I wrote an essay on them here, and I wrote about Floyer’s Helix in Helix World here.

I remade Drystone Helix as part of Box File in 2015.