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‘We see not the art, but the space first.’(1)

Perhaps if we can see that ‘we see not the art, but the space first’, we might not see the space first.



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Light Switch

Ceal Floyer is a favourite artist of mine. But I don’t like to look at a lot of her work at once. Every few months I’ll look into a piece. And I’ll think about it for a while.

Light Switch is my most recent source of splendour. I’d heard about this piece, but had never really thought about it.

Light Switch 1992-9 by Ceal Floyer born 1968


A projection of a light-switch is shown in Light Switch. Floyer sums up the the ability of the white cube to render an, otherwise functional object, useless. By positioning objects in isolated space, framing them, and labelling them with ‘do not touch’ instructions, the art object is created.

Floyer’s 2D static image of a light switch epitomises this removal of use. A light-switch is a useful fixture to a room, Light Switch as an art object has no function and serves only for it’s aesthetic attributes.

The manner of display is humorous, in true Floyer style. Apparatus heavy, the work is self aware and self mocking in its showing of gallery illusion.

It’s hard to put into words, what is done so neatly by Floyer in Light Switch. I guess I don’t need to, she says it all and gets to the point fast.

Residency Timespan Residency

Day 8

Theres a tension between the desperation to drink in my surroundings and the awareness of Friday’s work deadline.

The balance so far has been all right though. And they both inform each other.




Work has progressed naturally from the wealth of information provided by Timespan and the people of Helmsdale, and the freedom to go out and explore.

I’ve focused on an area referred to as the Empty Lands. There’s also representation of the things I’ve partaken in here, such as drystone walling, sunrise watching and beach clambering.

The next couple of days are GO to get everything prepped for Friday.

All days have been GO actually.



Drystone Walling and Ceal Floyers Helix fit right together in my mind’s mind. So this was happened.