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Art/Writing Original Work Writing




 (A text piece comprised entirely of appropriated lyrics from songs with the world ‘ten’ in the title. Written for Embassy Gallery’s tenth anniversary members publication.)

bruise Exhibitions IIICollective MFA Study Original Work

On bruise


Sometimes I feel like a concept is so exquisite as a thing, that I don’t want to
translate it into a plastic word copy.
But this is exactly the type of thinking that opens me up to the accusation of,
“Your work isn’t generous enough.”


bruise IIICollective MFA Study Original Work


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Project Space.
4pm. 3.5.14

Art/Writing InTheory MFA Study Original Work

Frame Theory




“If you take bowling shoes out of the alley, are they just shoes..?


“Like, if you apply Goffman’s Frame Theory(1) to – -“

 *sigh* “Why do we let the theory students work in the studio?”









(1)“Goffman (1975) argued that much of our behaviour is cued by expectations which are determined by the frames which constitute the context of action.” Miller, D. Materiality: An Introduction. 2005. Available at:

Residency Timespan Residency

Day 10

We did it.

Remote Possibilities will be installed for the next two months at Timespan, Helmsdale.






Residency Timespan Residency

Day 9

Gallery is coming together.

Show pending.


(I’m Rachael, and I’m a conceptual artist.)

Residency Timespan Residency

Day 7

Buckling down.

I’m getting a clearer idea of what this exhibition is going to look like.

Establishing and completing a project in a week and a half is intense.

But we’re on it.

Light Within

Jeff tells me that in Drystone Walling the pros insert a lightbulb within the structure. If their skills are that good, the bulb will remain intact.

Residency Timespan Residency

Day 6


Bog Walk15.35

Residency Timespan Residency

Day 4

Today was long and packed.

The morning saw a Photo Show of Helmsdale snaps from the 1950s. Elderly members of the community thoroughly enjoyed identifying faded faces and places for the audience.

The afternoon involved a try at Drystone Dyking. Fascinating. More to come on this.

Drystone Dyking
Jeff giving an introduction to Drystone

And in the evening it was arranged for us to view a screening of some of Timespans commissioned or responded films. Graham Fagen, Anthony Schrag and Dalziel and Scullion were amongst the collection.


Graham Fagen, Baile An Or, 2011

Between this there was popcorn and television a plenty.

Living in a nice house up here and having so much time to think of project ideas blurs the lines between work and leisure.

In a pleasant way.

Residency Timespan Residency

Timespan Residency


I’m currently on residency in Helmsdale with Timespan. The next ten days will see intense learning and making for the exhibition opening on Friday 28th March.

The brief is related to ‘Remote Possibilities’. I’m in the right place.

With me are fellow ECA students Jessica Ramm, Suzanne van der Lingen, Freddie Thomas and Justine Lim.

Check it. and check back.