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‘We see not the art, but the space first.’(1)

Perhaps if we can see that ‘we see not the art, but the space first’, we might not see the space first.



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Context directs Content/Customs

I’m currently writing about the placement of objects and the ability of the white cube to define objects as art objects.

Art is created when an object is contemplated as art.

This has led me to wondering about the removal of context. What happens to the object without the white cube?

Craig-Martins’ An Oak Tree becomes a glass of water again, people can piss in Duchamp’s Fountain and Damien Ortega is no longer the Controller of the Universe and can flog his tools.  But people wouldn’t piss in Duchamp’s Fountain though. Or if they did it would be a performance of sorts. Fountain surpasses the gallery now and can maintain its art object status. Because the white cube stretches farther than its physical attributes. It too is conceptual.

I’ll leave with a gem I’ve discovered of late. This blog is a little bit amazing.

Great Art in Ugly Rooms

Meticulous photoshopping of Pollock into a public school. Decontextualisation ensues.