Gnommero is a series of five publications edited by Sarah Tripp and Richard Taylor. It features text based work by artists and writers who have responded to Italo Calvino’s reflections on written practice and literary quality.


I read the 5th section of Calvino’s Memos for the Millenium and wrote the first draft of the text Helix-World relatively quickly. At this time I was pdf-mountaineering in Vibrant Matter and discovering the object-descriptive writing of Allain Robbe Grillet.

The piece I have written for the 5th installment of Gnommero, surrounding ‘Multiplicity’, describes an alternative perspective to Ceal Floyer’s Helix, which I saw in Berlin in 2013. I’m not going to link to the artwork here. I kind of feel the text piece only works without seeing it. Although you can’t even read it yet, because Gnommero: Multiplicity is not yet out.

Keep an eye in May! In the meantime, you can preorder the full Gnommero Collection for a very good price.