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DW 1

I always heartily agree on
recollections of the 21st night
of September. (1)
but I actually don’t recall anything
of any great consequence.
I think it’ll be okay though.


(1)Earth Wind & Fire. September. 1978. Available at:

Art/Writing Exhibitions Original Work




Rachael Disbury
Eight hundred and twenty two
Typewritten text on tracing paper

Disbury & Wilson Events Exhibitions


Lada Wilson and I started collaborating in early 2013, with the interAction(s) project. More recently we have begun to correspond via typewritten text through the post. We hope to engage in performative live-writing at the upcoming Studio Jamming Symposium in Dundee on the 25th of July.

Here we will engage in performative live writing in the space with our typewriters. There will be no spoken words and the only exchange will be through the pounding of keys and the resulting text.

I anticipate this performance will be very loud with the exchange being heavily scored by the clickclickpings of our old ‘writers.

Although we don’t want an online record of this project, as it is very process based, I will probably record my own thoughts and workings here.